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To Lexus Or Not To Lexus

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I thought I would post some information that I hope will be helpful for young drives thinking of buying an IS200.

I am 22 and bought my IS200 SE ( Platinum Ice, V Reg) in March 2004. I have a well paid job but nothing out of the ordinary.

I have decided to compare the cost of running my old car (Clio 16v) and my IS200 which I hope will prove useful for prospective buyers.

Loan cost per month - Clio 16v £175

Loan cost per month - IS200 £225 (£11.5k over 5 years)

Petrol cost per month - Clio 16v £90

Petrol cost per month - IS200 £100 (Optimax, 350-380 miles per tank)

Insurance cost per year - Clio 16v £550 TPFF

Insurance cost per year - IS200 £630 FC

Servicing cost per year - Clio 16v £100

Servicing cost per year - IS200 £100-£400 (dependent on type of service)

Running Cost per year* - Clio 16v £500

Running Cost per year* - IS200 £220 (2 new tyres actual), £200 estimated

*Tyres & mechanical repairs etc

I had my 60K standard service 2 weeks ago which cost £398, no mechanical faults were reported by Lexus but I have included a provision of £200 just to be on the safe side.

I am approx £67 worse off per month excluding servicing and running costs, but I am provided much better insurance on a more valuable car.

I can’t recommend the IS200 enough, I read people saying a BMW is a better ride and the IS200 doesn’t have enough power etc. But for me pound for pound there is no better car excluding the IS300!

I really have been taken in by the IS200 and my girlfriend thinks I am mad, but to me the car has a soul. When I walk to my door I always turn round and have a quick look at my IS200, the quick look makes my smile inside and out and confirms I have made the right choice. Sod the money if you think the IS200 will make you feel the same then it’s worth every penny.

Just one more point then I have finished rambling on, the LOC has really made owing a Lexus even more pleasurable. IS200 + LOC = motoring at its best!!!

Here’s to many years of happy motoring!!!!

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Thats a good comparison and many younger prospective owners will find that useful. Have you thought about buying a bulk of services in one go? I believe they work out more cost effective.

Also you have taken into account a loan for 5 years. Personally I think this should be excluded, as some may have different loan circumstances and therefore not a fair comparison in that sense.

but excellent comparison.

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