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Is200 Auto In Manual Mode?

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IS200 Auto have the following marking at the gear box:





Can it behave like a manual transmission? That is we take off from L than move up to 2 than 3 and finally D.

Will it spolit the gear box?


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You can do that. The will be a slight delay from when you move the lever to the box actually changing the gear though. Works better going down.

I think you will soon get bored and just leave it in D.

I only use the manual gears to:

provide engine braking

when you are about to overtake so you don't have to wait for the kickdown

when going around a long corner I hold it in gear so you can power out of the bend.

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That's called "Gate-Shifting", it works exactly like the E-shift, except you do it manually with a stick rather than electronically with in, it allows you to control the top gear the ecu can go to, and allows you to down-shift when you want to....just like an E-shift.....

Be warned....By doing this, you will absolutely Destroy your Automatic Gear Box...

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