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Help - Electric Window Motor - Mk1 Gs300

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Can anyone help?

I have a problem on my 93 GS300, where the one of the contacts in my electric window motor is broken. (rear, driver's side though I'm sure the contacts would be the same in them all)

The contact is replace-able if you can get the part... Lexus want £280 + Vat for a new assy, but the bit I need appears not to be puchaseable on its own..

Any ideas where I can get a new contact?

I've tried calling Toyota already...

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For anyone interested... here's what I did, Looking at the contacts they were basically worn / broken. They seem to be cast from a very soft metallic compound, not sure what, anyway the short story is that I made some new contacts...

I melted some solder into a little mould I chiselled out of a piece of wood, put some copper braid into it and let it cool down. Then filed it to size and cleaned up with emery paper. I soldered on the old spade connectors and re-assembled.

Not sure how long this fix will last, but its working for now and cost me nothing, ideally though I would like to be able to get hold of the proper replacement contacts.

So far My Lexus has been very reliable, except for replaceable electrical contacts that have worn, and could be replaced very cheaply. But Lexus make you pay for a whole assy. I have paid £15 now for 2 repairs which would have cost well over £1000 for Lexus to fix, this one and the starter issue I had before which Lexus wanted more than £700 to fix, Toyota supplied new solenoid contacts (they're the same as those used in the Supra, but Lexus won't supply them), and its worked great ever since.

We're all being duped into paying far too much to replace serviceable items and its a disgrace.

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