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Help - Is The Insurance Company Wrong?


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my ls400 is stuck in bodyshop at mo. the driver's door was replaced under insurance. the driver's window now makes a scraping noise, it didn't before the accident.

the garage reckon it's a worn out motor in the door causing the noise.

the insurance company won't pay for the motor, saying it's wear and tear.

but the scraping noise was not there at all before the door was replaced, so why has it suddenly appeared after the accident ?

lexus want nearly 300 quid to replace it. a couple of questions.

1. do i keep pushing insurance company to authorise the replacement?

2. if they don't end up replacing the motor under insurance, is it fine to drive around with that scraping noise when the window goes up and down?

(i'd rather order the motor myself from States and fit it myself than pay Lexus silly money).


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The insurance company should fix it if the fault is due to the accident. May be difficult to prove.

Are they sure it's the motor making the noise? Sounds more like the window isn't fitted correctly.

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The thought it was the regulator first, so the insurance company approved that. Still the scraping noise persisted, Lexus now think it's defo the motor.

Arrrggh, Lexus have really screwed me around on this job.

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15 phone calls to norwich union and lexus, 5 call centres, an annoyed tone of voice, and someone is finally telling me something about my car!!.

lexus say norwich union haven't approved the replacement of electric window motor, and that I will have to pay for it, but norwich union say that's a lie, and they are waiting on lexus edgware road to provide an estimate of costs, once that happens they will make a decision about paying for it or not.

lexus edgware road are absolutely incompetent in my eyes. I don't use lexus for servicing anymore (greedy :tsktsk: ), and now will never use for bodyshop work much stress and dishonesty every time. I just want to scream,,, argggh!!!!!!!!!!

They've had over 3 grand of business to repair my car, and still they don't bother to look after me.

they promised me the car back on bank holiday monday, and when i complained to the dealer principal that didn't happen, he says i should know that lexus dont work bank holiday monday, but the bodyshop dude confirmed face to face, yes it will be delivered on i went off and believed the dude..these people don't even call you to update you as to the repair, you have to keep calling them to find out what's going on...

If anyone from lexus edgware road is reading this, you guys need a big lesson in customer service..sort it out... :angry::angry::angry::angry:

I'm tempted to buy a skoda, anything but a lexus....great cars, crap dealers

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Make sure you complain to Lexus GB.

Colin, I don't see the point.

In 1998, I had problems with the original supplying dealer, and spent many months fighting my case with Lexus GB. They were extremely unsympathetic, especially when dealing with the directors and senior managers.

They kept pushing the blame back on me, and were ever so reluctant to get involved between dealer and myself. I felt like I was doing something wrong by complaining. A very traumatic experience!

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they promised me the car back on bank holiday monday, and when i complained to the dealer principal that didn't happen, he says i should know that lexus dont work bank holiday monday

My car had a new screen recently + bit of paintwork..

It arrived back at dealership on a bank hol monday.

They called me on a bank holiday monday.

I collected it on a bank holiday monday.

In the process, returned courtesy car on... wait for it... a bank holiday monday :P

Obviously not Edgware Rd though :duh:

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An update. Went to Lexus Edgware Road to pick up the car on Sat.

Picked the car up, and noticed that at the bottom of the wing that had been replaced, the textured stonechip protection was missing (it was just the paint).

Told the bodyshop, who didn't even apologise, and took the car back in to fix it.

Whilst waiting in reception, two other customers were complaining about bodyshop. One had been waiting 45 minutes to pick up a car (he also said he'd phoned all week and nobody had returned his calls), and another guy had popped in to talk to bodyshop, and he was hanging around for a while too.

To top it all, the repainted bodywork does not match with the surrounding paintwork. It's a few shades DARKER! I didn't really notice until I parked the car outside under the sun...

Is there ANY genuine reason why the colour they sprayed SHOULD NOT match exactly the colour on the car?


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