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Thought I'd do my good deed for the day and give a LOC flyer to a guy driving an IS200 LE today - think I scared him though as he seemed to panic and started say "No thanks, thank you but no"!!

Told him he'd save money on services and stuff but he wasn't interested.

Am I really that scary :ph34r:

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you should have just nailed it on to his bonnet :whistling:

strange that at times you cant give things away, or even offer to help without people thinking you are up to something ;)

scary .................. :lol::lol:

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Especially for you PhoneDrome:

Good looking guy

Ifraz, I've given a couple to people at Lexus Notts and I gave one to another guy there today - they all seemed interested in joining but I never heard anything ?

One of Nod's flyers resulted in someone joining the club a while back...

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