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Motorist Is Banned Over Speed Trap Alert


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A very interesting read.

It just proves the point that it's all about making money and not road safety. :angry:

"It seems to be more about raising revenue than road safety. I'm just so angry and upset about the driving ban. It was totally uncalled for because this wasn't a motoring offence,"

Read Here

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hmm yes i can see the pensioners point, BUT i can also see more so the prosuctors point..

Why did the old man not put a sign up like he had done before simply warning of the car boot sale.....

No he admitted the reason was to warn of the speed trap

"Sgt Sarah Cashman told the court that when she cautioned Harding and confiscated the sign he told her: "I stop people speeding down here. I am only doing what I think is right".

Asked if he knew there was a speed camera ahead he said: "Yes, that is why I am doing it"."

Therfore he was interfering with the Law..

bazza, the difference with his sign and that of the councils is i reckon simply because it wasnt an approved sign..

as much as sympathise with the old man and his reasoning.. he made the mistake of warning about the speed trap (and admitting so) and i think the driving ban is totaly the wrong punishment..

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driving ban is totaly the wrong punishment..

Thats what I don't get.. He wasn't even driving!.. Surely a "Holding a sign and pointing" ban is more just.

Its like getting a driving ban for being caught urinating against a wall!!

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Do not come between a dog and his breakfast ;)

Could you get a fine - or even worse, a driving ban - if you signal oncoming motorists with your lights to warn them for the speed trap you've just passed?

This is common practice in NL, at least on secondary (two-lane) roads.



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