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Going For Gold!


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Hello again

Can anybody tell me if Lexus Canterbury will in the near future be participating in Gold discounts? I asked about this before getting my 10k service done & thier reply was "We dont do discounts because its not a Lexus recognised organisation".

Now excuse my ignorance :blink::blush: :duh: but I would have thought the name "Lexus Owners Club" may have had something to do with Lexus???

Thanks for any help, as this could be the decider for me going GOLD!

Stuart B)

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ok.. time for me to answer the question

You should go back to cantebury and tell them to contact

Scott Brownlee as I had a meeting a few weeks ago with Scott.. or any management level with Lexus as they all know who we are.

We are Lexus recognised... they are simply backing out of the discount or basically saying that Lexus have not endorsed us.

Lexus Cantebury are not as popular here and not been much demand. Where as other dealerships could easily lose a customer to the next dealership who is offering the discount scheme to us.

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Also Stu

We have mail order parts service which is set up by a dealer... 15% disount on most parts and free delivery on most items too... probably the best discount section for Lexus in the world mate!

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