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Trd Roll Bars


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OK guys, I had my TRD anti roll bars fitted at the dealers today and can tell the car is much taughter now (got the backend sliding like a goodun in the rain) but is the steering wheel supposed to be tighter?

Maybe it's just me but it feel's like the wheel isn't as loose as it was before?

Is that a result of the bars or have they fixed something maybe (never mentioned it)?

Gonna get the Japsai installed in about 4 weeks time after I've got used to these!!!

Very nice kit though - went round some very hard corners at speed and didn't get anywhere near the roll I'm used too so they've done the job nicely!!!


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I've got the TRD bushes fitted, had them done along with the bars..

Getting used to it now but the steering wheel does feel stiffer - I could used to move it easily with one finger but now it's much tighter - don't think I'm confusing it with it feeling tighter as the loan car had much looser steering - think of it as the difference in a Punto when you've got the girly button activated!!

Prefer it as it is now but there's definitely more resistance coming from the steering wheel than there was...

Does feel much better though - it's amazing how much flatter the car feels all the time - it really goes round corners at speed now :)

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