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Hi all

Looking for workshop manuals for my 1998 GS300. Found two possibilities, and I'm not sure I believe what I've found.

1. From the Lexus dealer. Telephone directory size books, £200. This doesn't entirely surprise me - everything for this car seems to cost about 10 times as much as anything else.

2. Mitchell something or other - CD, £10.

Did I get something wrong? Is the Mitchell stuff really only a tenner, and if so, what hasn't it got that the "official" one has?

Couldn't find a Haynes manual for Lexus. They seem to do other luxury makes - BMW, Merc, etc, so does anyone know why they don't do Lex?



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well... I would imagine its because Lexus are not old enough to make older model type manuals... Until lexus have 20 years under there belts we won't see a manual on the book shelves

In theory your supposed to go to a Lexus techinician for any work need doing

Also forget the ones you see on ebay.. I have bought these and are crap and are for the US market

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I don't think the manuals from Lexus are 10 times overpriced. Theses are professional manuals not just a little Haynes manual. If you don't mind US LHD versions it may be cheaper to purchase them from the states. Also they come up now and again on

The Mitchell software is so cheap because it's only a copy of the software. Unless you have a license for the software it wouldn't be legal to use. As Steve says it isn't that good, doesn't have enough detail.

Haynes probably will never produce a UK GS manual. There aren't enough cars sold and most Lexus owners wouldn't work on their own cars. Haynes US don't even do one for the GS and it's sells thousands more than in the UK.

You may want to consider Subscription is around £15 for a year and it covers most things. The information is taken from the Lexus manuals. However it is for the US models and therefore LHD, although this isn't a problem for most things.

Another option is access to the real Lexus manuals online at

The problem here is again it's for the US models and you need to have a US postal address. So if you know somebody who lives out there get them to subscribe and give you the login details.

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The Mitchell's ones are of a good standard, especially for any average DIY mechanic. The electrical drawings in mine are plenty good enough, and most other work is detailed well enough. The only real problem is that they are for left hand drive models.

So long as you can swop some things from left to right and appreciate that certain electrical circuits are slightly different, your laughing!


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