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right then after doing much research using search I have come to the conclusion that for the radio mute it is either a red/white wire or a red with yellow stripe wire. Wether or not it comes out of the head unit or amp is another question.

These are the wires coming out the back of my stereo HERE

I was going to use the red one (on the left) with the grey dots on it, is this right?

Also I presume this is the amp HERE , do I need to take it out and whats the best way

Other thing, the radio arial comes in and is two wires (can be seen in wiring photo) one goes to the arial jack the other is connected up to a black wire with grey dots via the white connector. What the hell is this for ???

Thanks for any help

EDIT: its a 99 sport with cd at bottom

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Back of plug HERE or bigger HERE

Top Row left to right: (GD = grey dots on cable)

blue;black;yellow;gap;brown;gap;white GD;green GD;red GD

Bottom row left to right:

red;white;green;gap;mystery wire covered in black tap?;gap;black;gap;black GD

Hope this is what you needed

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Is there anyone who can clear this up I have a 2000 IS Sport but I don't know if I am looking for a red wire ,red & grey,yellow or if its got a mute wire at all(CD Player at bottom).Any help would be much appreciated

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