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Two stage power


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Does everyone else's IS200 get a sort of second wind at about 4200 RPM?

I never noticed it when I test drove one and before Christmas I was a passenger in another but could not feel the same effect.

It is very noticeable in my car but I though the point of VVTi was that it was continuously variable and you would not feel a significant step or change in performance?

It doesn't bother me (in fact I quite like it!) but I'm just curious.

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I always though it was the second cam dropping down...

I am not a mechanic.. or any good with engines in fact, but mine does the same.. same for an MR2 as well... isnt it the twin cam??

I have four cams on my baby! so it realy boots at 4200rpm

Hey like i said i could be wrong.. i am no mechanic.. but i used to own a Prelude and that used to do the same.

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