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Power Loss And Tappet Rattle


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Came back from Sweden last night and gave my car a good thrashing up the M11 and A1M (but I didnt break the speed limit, honestly).....

I noticed when I pulled over for a loo break that my engine had developed a slight rattle. Upon investigation, it seems the rattling, or tapping, was coming from the area of the rear quarter of the engine.

I turned the engine off so it could rest a little, went inside for about 20 mins and when I set off again, I noticed a distinct lack of power when accelerating. The power was OK in 4th, 5th & 6th, and maintained a steady speed for the rest of the journey, however when I put my aircon on, the car seemed to judder slightly when the compressor kicked periodically. The temperature remained normal.

When I arrived home, I also noticed that my clutch was ommitting a bit of a worrying noise, a bit like what a dry bearing would sound like. The noise disappeared when the clutch was depressed.

I spoke with my brother this morning, he reckons it could be caused by my sparkplugs being a little worse for wear, and the clutch noise was probably my clutch bearing or lay shaft...... :crybaby:

Does anybody have any ideas? Im a little worried it could be valve trouble and clutch touble developing...... :crying:

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I have a slight high pitched whine also....... I wasn't particularly bothered about that though, thats probably just the mesh on the gears (if its the same whine as I think you mean).

Yes I get a Whine noise upto 3000rpm in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. and it seems louder than the engine. like a Mini

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depending o9n your thrashing, another option could be destroyed pre-cats.i killed mine after 4 months(on a new car)

OT - bugger but if I destroyed the supercharger bracket within 3 weeks I think my precats are gonna be ****** very soon :P

What sort of noise do you mean with the clutch?

My gearbox is a noisy SOAB since I put the quick shifter kit in, wouldn't go back though as it's loads better. If the Lexus kit was quieter and didn't rattle in 6th and was as good as the K&N one I'll swap.

So what are the symptoms of a failed pre-cat Mat?

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to check the precats, lift the car and seperate the down pipe from the main cat section........

if the pre-cats are broken up you will see the bits on the face of the main cat, or as mine did, fall out the pipe :excl:

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