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Steam Cleaning

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I'm gonna have the car valeted before JAE, and it's done as a part of the valet.


this is probably a stupid question (and :offtopic: ) but i'll ask anyway...... when you get to these meets (such as jae) do you all clean your cars there or find a jet wash somewhere before or what?

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Well, when i went to the gaydon meet, i did all the cleaning etc the day before, put it in the garage overnight, and hoped for good weather on the drive over!

I did see someone washing their car from Honda OC, but i never saw someone from LOC washing theirs (Fidgets was doing something to his, but exactly what i can't remember).

It may be different at JAE if you're going for more than a day, but i'm only coming up on the sunday, so i ain't gonna have time to do it when i'm there.

Cue someone who has been to JAE before.............................

Stu :driving:

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I washed mine at JAE last year, thanks to another goldy lending me a bucket and some wash.

I managed to kill off a lot of flies on the way up!

there is a jetwash close, but it does get busy.................bring a bucket :ph34r:

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