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What A Great Car!

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Hi all,

I got my Rx300 a month ago.

It's such a pleasure driving this car, I cannot stop. I clocked over 7000 km this first month!

For most my friends and clients it's their first drive in a Lexus and more then one have said "I want one!"

I'm really pleased with this automobile, only very few details could be better; a handy place to store coins and credit cards would be nice; a place for sunglasses is missing too; a rainsensor for the rear window would complete the comfort: the Italian voice of the Nav is not very nice, other languages are much better. no serious things, just details.

One question.... I'm planning to drive to Scozia this August.. what about the Xenon headlights, I don't want to blind the there an easy way to change the focus?



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Hi and welcome. Like you I am a new member and also a newcomer to Lexus. I have found that a good place to keep coins is in the depressed area of the drivers door handle, they have even padded it so you cannot hear the coins rattle. As to the Scottish visit, I too am a Celt, so it would take more than a strong light to upset or rattle us. Cheers Allan.

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This is all reassuring as I am taking delivery of an SE model next week. However, I would like to upgrade the audio - the speakers / amplifier. Has anyone any experience of this or know any specialist place in London that might be able to to take this on?


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