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The Revisions To The Is200 Se

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Well my IS went in today for some work done on it, I had an 04 IS200 SE for the day and I was fortunate enough to drive it to a meeting in Derby (200 mile round journey). I thought I would share my observations with you (in no particular order & apologies for my lack of terminology)

1) The new blue which replace the strathcaron blue imho is not as nice.

2) Those new alloys look a swine to clean! I must admit I do prefer the older ones by a million miles. The older ones look the dogs and are really easy to clean. OK there have been complaints of corroding - but mine have been ok.

3) The fan spray windscreen wash is much better than the 3 nozzle version.

4) I wasn't too keen on the full leather, it was really hot today and the seats were boiling when I got into the car after it standing. And they felt slippy when going around bends. Didn't really feel as if they were hugging me as well as the half leather seats.

5) I do not like the white? silver? stiching on the steering wheel - who was on drugs when they redesigned that?

6) The aircon seemed much better than mine - a lot colder, I thing I need one of those bomb thingies - any suggestions?

7) General observations - the leather gear knob holder was squeaking like mad, the sunroof visor felt flimsy, the fuel filler cap felt like a tin can - whereas in my 02 SE feel much better made.

Sorry for too much info, but hey that's what this forum is for!


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It seems to be a common complaint that the newer one's don't seem as well made as the older one's - quite a few people have said that here now...

I wouldn't go back to full leather again unless I had aircon in the seats - I'm sure I burnt my knackers a few times in the Megane when I left the roof down on a hot day :crying:

To be honest mate the aircon bomb thing is for cleaning it to get rid of smell's (haven't used mine yet and she stinks!) Might be worth looking at getting it regassed - do you use it regular in winter to keep the seals okay etc?

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I bought my new 04 is200 sport design here 17th May.The seats are leather/escaine.The 11 spoke alloys are easy to clean.The petrol cap lid is fine.the stitching on the steering wheel adds charactor .The colour...platinum has be commented on favourably by everybody

to guy i know thinks these cars are too dear but after sitting in mine he said he now knows now where the money goes!!!!!

I only have had one in work who called it a jumped up toyota but then he drives a polo.....nuff said :yack:



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It wasn't put on to p**s people off, it was purely my observation!!! As for character, well that's your choice at the end of the day....

As the old saying goes, if it isn't broken don't fix it!

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i have to agree with most of squareheads observations - I've had numerous quality issues with my is200 sport 2004, such as rattles (everywhere) and mismatching plastics.

My Is200 se (2002) was solid as a rock.

I really don't like the new alloys - the 5 spoke is one of the main characteristics of the car!

All leather is fine :D

Squarehead - you may just need your air con re-gasing. The gas slowly escapes and the air con becomes less efficient year on year. The dealerships can re-gas it for you.

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Picked up an 51 plate (2002) model about a month ago and I very much regret it. The build quality is S*it. My 2000 model was much better quality

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I recently had the pleasure of an '04' courtesy car and I must say I did really like having full leather, and although there is a little sliding, I did think that it still gripped quite well considering that it was all leather. I'm not sure if it was just me, but I also thought that the seats were more comfortable, are the seats different in anyway?

I liked the grey stitching on the wheel too (maybe I'm crazy). Liked the colour of the new wheels (on a dark car), but still don't like the design and must be a nightmare to get in between all those spokes to clean them.

Really don't like the new silver bits, they all look really fake as though someone took the standard plates and sprayed them silver with a can of spray paint, and why is the plastic surrounding the tape deck black now, it really looks odd. Also, don't like the silver bits surrounding the instrument dials, looks really cheap.

I also agree that the new blue is far too dark, especially with no other shades of blue available. Besides the full leather, it did feel good to get back into my car again (having said that I would prob also give it all up for the leather!) I didn't have any trouble with rattles and the like, but it was a new car after all. Was surprising to get back into mine though and for it to feel exactly the same despite being an '02'. Hope the quality remains :winky:

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I don't like the new wheels either - do you think Lex actually asked anyone before they changed the wheel design - don't know anyone who prefers the new ones. Also the smoke effect rear clusters - hmmmmm . . not sure but 'clear corners' are a sort of trade mark - tinting them takes off the edge (IMO).

I do like the new colour (Antinomy) - can anyone link / post pics of IS in this colour ?

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Bit of a teccy bit here I'm afraid....

Because the molcules of R134a gas are smaller than the ones of R12 (old systems), the newer R134a systems need gassing more frequent than the older systems.

(just been on an air con course at work ;) )

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Great feedback - I think?!?

To be honest I think if Lexus really want to sell the "remaining" stock of the current IS200 until the new one is released in 2005 I really think they should have the 18" alloys as standard, imho they are the dogs dangly's...

Thanks Chrispy - see, you can justify that training course!

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