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So I finally did it :D !! One 1999 LS400 parked in the drive with 154k, Very good condition, FSH, purchased off eBay.

Firstly thanks to all the people that contribute to this forum. I have had some good laughs! Even when trying to find the Sat Nav unit, the forum helped. It saved me hiring a stihl saw! My book tells you how to change the CD but not where it is.

So here goes with my problem. When I test drove the car, I noticed a vibration when braking, so I thought new front discs were needed. I have taken the wheels off ( sent them away for powder coating ) on closer inspection the discs have very little wear on them. So out came the dial gauge, checked all four discs, they all are very true.

So in we go, checked all the ball joints and bushes. Haha I think I have found the problem! Top front wishbones, with the suspension leg right down I have at least 3 to 4mm of play up and down. I still cant believe how flimsy these parts are. So I rang Lexus, LOL, WE will give them a miss! So rang local motor factors, still hurt! So I gather the USA is the way to go, any advice on who to use? Best Price.

The worst bit is the car was supposedly MOTd the day before I picked it up! and I have only done 200 miles.

So on a car of this mileage is there anything else I should be checking?

I am also looking for 4 x centre caps part no PZ 405-F0670-1. this number is on the back of them in the middle.

So I wait to get my spaceship back on the road, with your help.

StayLucky ;)

Kind Regards Jim.

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welcome to the club. sounds like you need new upper front control arms from what you are saying.

for my J reg, these were around 400 quid EACH in the UK. I got them for 190 EACh (incl. shipping, vat, duty) from lexus in USA.

See my posting in suspension section for details.

good luck!

With that kind of mileage, sounds like your suspension will need an overhaul, rear axle carrier bushes, rear upper control arms, front and rear anti roll bar bushes, strut bar cushions, lower front control arms, lower ball joints. yes, it will have passed the MOT because it's not dangerous, but the rubber components will be pretty worn out.

then you are looking at replacing the transmission mount, engine mounts too with that kind of mileage.

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unfortunately, in mark1 models anyway, you can't change bushes alone, you have to buy the new arms.

Some people in Oz who make factory spec bushes for Soarers are starting to make equivalent bushes for LS400s. Andrew Vlamos I think. He's got a very good rep I hear. Worth considering if your suspension is a bit cream crackered.

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