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:driving: :P it has taken me along time to get one, instead of getting it three years ago i have bought cheap sheds, ie vectra sri, laguna sport. I went out to buy a jacket for gsxr 600 and spotted the se, well the wife did. She said if you want and can afford it buy coz she was sick of me bleating on about getting one.

The only problem is that i wish it was from a dealer as the after care from the prestige centre it was from was rubbish. crap tyres were on it at the time so they put federals on it. Big mistake, it has cost me 450 for a set of dunlop sp9000.

I won't winge anymore about the other problems I have experienced. The car is 100% now me thinks and I have gone gold..

May I take this oppertunity to thank the Lexus forums as they have been a great help in my purchase and the problems that I had.

the car is an is 200 se.

colour royal saphire

it is an 01 Y plate

mileage 37000

cost was 12300

me is very happy

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Sounds nice mate, welcome to LOC.

2 things................................

1) When are you joining gold (well worth it in the long run)


2) What's going to be your first mod :P

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not sure about first mod.

I think I will paint the calipers, not sure what colour, thought about gold to match the gold plated badges. I want some of those stickers for the calipers. Where can I get them?

I have to be careful with my spending on the lex as the wife wants a new car.

Told her I am skint after buying the lex. tee hee

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There used to be a LOC shop which had them, might be worth having a word with Steve (admin).

Otherwise AltezzaScott may be able to help as I think he had some for sale on ebay

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:D One was out playing on ones other toy, GSXR 600 today and purely by chance I passed the lexus in leeds, so I decided to purchase a chrome tail pipe and used me gold card and got it for 35 quid. Asked if I wanted it fitting, looked nat him puzzled as I had crash helmet and leathers on. :unsure:

also got some gold stickers(ordered them this morning from owners club, thanks to you guys) for me calipers as I want to do them black. I have matt black heat ressistant spray paint, so what laquer do I need when the stickers ave been put on? I thought gold stickers to match the gold plated badges what you think boys and girls?

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