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Hi All,

I'm picking up my new GS300 (to me) MkII tomorrow and will be fitting my Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth car kit!

Has anyone fitted on of these before (or any Bluetooth carkit), I've read Duncan’s account on fitting a car kit in a GS430, can I assume the wires will be in the same place!?

Any help and pointers would be most appreciated.

Best Regards


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Did you (or anyone) ever manage to fit a Parrot carkit to a MKII GS300? :duh: :duh:

Rgds Tony.

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I just fitted a SonyEricsson Bluetooth car kit into a MkII GS.

I put the display unit at the bottom right of the windscreen, the mic at the top of the right-hand A-pillar, the speaker is attached to the gumph above the pedals, and the control box is wedged in behind the central air vents. Power, both permanent live and switched live, was taken from the back of the stereo.

You need to remove the ashtray (just pull it), the top vents (again, just pull the unit back towards you, they're not screwed in) and the stereo (4 bolts hold this in, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom). Both the ashtray and the vents have cables attached to the back of them, so take a little care not to yank too hard! All these connectors have unique connectors on them which only fit one way and into one socket, so no worries about powering things back up again. The stereo also is uncoded so can be removed and replaced without problem.

The various cables that attach the 4 external bits to the main control box can be tucked up under the steering wheel area, and then fed into the back of the dashboard by poking them up between the transmission tunnel and the plastic trim on top of it - keeps it out the way quite nicely. There is room behind the stereo for the cables to run up to above the vents, and a fairly large space underneath the top surface of the dashboard - above the pipes that feed the central air vents.

Took about 2 hours all in, but I was being ultra-careful not to scratch things, had to work out where to run all the cables and fit everything in, and also had to pop to Halfords halfway through as I couldn't find any connector block to neatly splice the power leads! Next time would only take 30 - 40 minutes I should think...

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