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Air Conditioning Rad Replacement

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Hi all,its looking as though ive lost all me gas from my recent air con re charge :angry: ...I only had it refilled a few weeks ago...the bloke who recharged it cant look at me car til next week :( ...he did point out that the rad was on its way out,after he charged me £70 to recharge it,wish he told me of any problems before he went a head and did the work,i did leave me mobile number with him,hopefully he will sort something out next week...

Im really sure that its the rad,its just that i phoned Lexus,as Andy said the other day when he phoned them for the bill "i held onto something" when i asked for a price......£527.81 including VAT :o :crybaby::excl:

Thats daylight robbery in my book :angry:

Ive phoned ALL other supliers in me local yellow pages...waiting to here back from 1 or 2...£296 is the lowest ive found one for....can any one find one cheaper?

Ive lost all me links cos of a computer re finding it hard to track anything down on the net..

Many thanks if anyone can help.

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Someone said in a past post that they tried this place and found it resonable as they had to get the gas converted and this place does it hope it helps




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Many thanks Andy,i haved tryed doing a search but it says option is disabled,is that cos ive not gone gold yet?

Thanks for the link mate,i have phoned them,ive got to email all info to them and they will see what they can do for me.

Cheers Alan.

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