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Engine "pinking" At Around 1800rpm

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Hi all,just noticed this,this week at around 1800rpm under very light throttle i can hear a "PINKING" sound as i drive,now just lately since the price of petrols gone up ive been using supermarket petrol,now i think thats favorite in my book why its pinking,ive tryed the "super unleaded" stuff and found the car didnt really go much better so ive been putting in just normal unleaded...ive heard alot of storys about the supermarket fuel,so im hoping its that whats causing it...anyone else had the same sort of problem?

Any ideas guys?

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i found this if it's of any help...


Under certain driving conditions, minor engine ping, also referred to as "spark knock", is common for high compression engines such as those used in all Lexus models. Do not hesitate to inform customers of the following information included in their Lexus Owner's Manual:

"If your engine knocks . . .

If you detect heavy knocking, even when using the recommended fuel, or if you hear steady knocking while holding a steady speed on level roads, consult your Lexus dealer.

However, now and then, you may notice light knocking for a short time while accelerating or driving up hills. This is no cause for concern."

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