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I was told that Lexus Engines does random checks on its motors automatically-I am a new owner of a Lexus LS 400 - Is this True? Have any one ever heard of this.

I will be driving :driving: and Every Light on the Dash Light up :geek: and then it fades out. It will be the Battery Light, Brake Light, Oil Light, Transmission Light, ABS Light, then every now and then the Trac Light will come on and with that light the check engine light will come on...But it only stays on for about 15 - 20 seconds and dims out.

Have anybody ever experienced this - Does anybody know what this means?

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Ive only had my mk1 one for a few months,but ive not had anything like that happen on mine,sounds like a electricial fault to me,something loose some where or shorting out...

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