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was told by a reliable source today :

that unless the seat belt is buckled up

that the air bag will not activate

this was on a ford but he remarked all cars work on the same principal, all to do with tensioners etc

dont know how true it may be

any one know ?

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the air bag light on my 306 used to always flash, the problem was caused by loose connectors under the front seats which were the detection system to let the system know if anyone was actually sat in the seat.

I cut off the connectors and soldered the wires, problem solved. But I guess it goes someway to prove that the air bags will only go off if someone is sat in the seat

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If you don't wear a seatbelt the airbag won't do any good so there is no point in it going off.

so its true then ?

must admit to being one who doesnt allways wear one :blush:

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A colleague of mine was on patrol in a ford focus, when he had to swerve to avoid a car that turned right, across his path. He ended up driving head on, into a lamp post. He wasn't wearing his seat belt; the only thing that saved him from going through the windscreen was the airbag. I’m not sure if the seat belt needs to be fitted before the airbag can be activate as people can be medical exempt from wearing belts. :driving:

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