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Diy Electric 12v "super" Charger

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Has anyone seen these 12v electric chargers for sale on ebay?

Essentially, and in theoretical terms, they may work......a little bit. It is a small unit which sits behind the air intake and compresses the air being delivered to the filter, which in theory should give a small increase in power, perhaps better acceleration and throttle response.

I think I might buy one, they are going rather cheap, about 50 quid, just to experiment with. They might increase the delivery of cold air to the plenum when used in conjunction with an induction kit, site it right behind the filter.........

Im always interested in gadgets like this, I cant see straight away if one would have any adverse effect on an engine, other than the demand for free flowing air at high speed being more than the mini-compressor can supply....

In theory, it should work, any comments people........

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forget it pete,, this has been discussed before, and the long and short of it is DONT WORK..

TDI can vouch for this.. see if i can find the thread..

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