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Has anyone heard about this sistema that modifies the shift firmness on the IS300 cars ?

Do you believe it can be fitted for the IS200, since the ECU´s have the same terminals that are bypassed:

SLT (+)

SLT (-)

This device only has 6 wires:

1 batt. (+) / 1 batt. (-) / 2 sets in/out SLT (+/-).

Do the IS200 and IS300 ECU´s handle the same electrice volts on this terminals ?

Guys this system may help us Auto´s in an interestind shifting feel and timing...please help.


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as i understand it, this kit is only to be used at those times when you need an extra something.. and not to be switched on perm.

cant say if they fit the 200, but i gota ask would it be worth it on a standard 200..

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Yes, it´s only to be used on those times you need the extra, no recommended until the engine is warm (it´s also not recommended to speed engines cold) and not for constant use.

I don´t know how it may feel on a Std. 200, but under hard acceleration it might feels pretty interesting since if you modify an engine the transmision shifting becomes sluggish under more power, this is what we Auto are trying to correct.

On Std. 200 it might feel pretty firm !!

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Guys I have the OK:

I did some research at the Lexus Dealer, in the car´s repair manuals and noticed that the SLT solenoids on both cars (IS200 and IS300) work under the same voltage "duty ratio", modulating the line pressure. It works with current intervals from the ECT ECU of 0-5V and is checked (for service) with the same resistance of 5.0-5.6Ω at 20°C.

Plus, both cars have the same terminals SLT(+)/SLT(-) in the ECU.

I believe it should work fine.

This shifting advantage plus a modified TC and NO 6 speed can catch us... :zee:

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Just installed the sytem last week and work at it´s best.

The car shifts now like a sports car.

This is good because now I can go above my limited 240HP (195 RWHP) because of the transmission.

Now I´m going to install 50 NOS HP !!

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the advantage of using the shift kit over the valve body upgrade kit, is that it will only be active when you are at WOT,, and so is not on all the time.. there is also if im correct an manual on/off switch for the shift kit..

The VB upgrade is a permenently on mod and so for the likes of me will make the shift change clunky al thetime.. not good.

i think it may be wise to fit an auto tranny oil cooler..

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I support Fargo´s suggestion and comments regarding this system.

This system works as Fargo explianed, only at desired moments, since you can activate it by a botton, It´s not recommended for continuos use.

I connected it to the PWR botton, beside the shifter, since this original function doesn´t do much, now it´s really doing what it should do.

This system has nothing to do with the VB upgrade, it only modifies the voltage received by the pressure selenoid from the ECU so that the Trans. pressure is increased.

This way you can have the best of boyh world´s:

1) Soft shifting at cruising

2) Firmer and quicker shifting under full throttle, plus more HP handling.

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I tried to open it but it´s all bulked in plastics, so if you open it you´ll see nothing !!

Don, t worry on overheating the trans., this system will cool off the transmission, since on higher pressure the fluid travels faster through and back from the radiator, plus the disks have less slip, creating less heat.

The cooler is always a good option, but not necesarely needed.

The product hasn´t been discontinued.

The only low of this product is that isn´t recommended for use at cruising since the pressure is up an not eventually apreciated then sometimes the excess pressure is expulsed through the transmissions level stick.

This doesn´t happen if you use it on as recommended !!

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