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Evo Viii Bit Off Topic But ...

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WOW! Just heard Mitsubishi are launching 50 limited aniversary edition FQ400's with modded internals.. Price tag of around £45k.

By the way.. I had the previledge to see no.001 FQ340 just the other day... :P

Truly lovely.............

still thinking on the FQ340 by the wayz.........

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I'm still thinking of getting a 350Z....

Thankfully, i promised myself i wouldnt buy a new car until i quit smoking... so i guess the Lex is going to be with me for a while!

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Aren't Mitsubishi motors shutting down soon mate?

Lovely car though, really do look quite nice.

OT but a 3000GT pulled out in front of me earlier, the speed was awesome, he must have booted it as I've never seen anything like the amount of crap that came out of the exhaust and next thing he was gone!

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