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New Sources For Cheaper Parts!

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I have found some potential sources for replacement parts. Useful for those of us trying to be sensible with out running costs. Both companies are based in the US, and stock parts which are pretty much identical to the parts you buy at Lexus but have been manufactured by other companies. Similar principle to the places you see for German/Swedish cars that are about 70% cheaper than main dealer prices.


These guys won't ship outside of the US, so either you visit the US on business/holiday and pick up the package at your hotel, or you have a mate in the States who will buy them for you and ship them over directly.

Some prices to tempt you...(for a mk1 model)

front wheel bearing approx 26 quid each

rear wheel bearing approx 20 quid each

front brake disc approx 34 quid each

front lower ball joints approx 19 quid each

tie rods inner and outer between 6 and 13 quid each

2. Olympus imported auto parts -

These guys WILL ship to the UK, but you need to speak with them about wiring/transferring the money to them before they ship out, as they don't deal with non-US credit cards.

Some prices, for a mk1 model again.

front wheel bearing approx 33 quid each

alternator approx 47 quid

oxygen sensor (pre cat) approx 60 quid

oxygen sensor (post cat) approx 75 quid

front lower ball joints approx 25 quid each

Hope this is helpful for those with parts that need replacing soon.

All based upon current exchange rate of 1.75 dollars to 1 pound.

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