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Thursday I had my car's FCON retuned at TDi (great job Mark), only to notice that somebody had keyed my Tezz, all the way along the side from the rear to the front. :shutit:

After four years of happy Altezza ownership, this is the first time this has happened, and it's very upsetting. :angry:

Went to chipsaway and they quoted me around £600-700 +VAT for respraying the 3 worst panels, and polishing out the drivers door which escaped with a hairline. :crybaby:

Is there any other wisdom you lot can offer regarding helping sort this out. Luckily my car is silver so it doesn't glare out too badly, but you can definately see it. Any advice on some things I can try myself? Any good scratch repair kits out there?

Why do people have to be so :tsktsk: mean? A few months ago somebody stole my valve-caps - maybe it was the same person/kids as this time I put locking ones on, which might have aggravated them.

I think it happened outside my flat, so my next purchase will be a wireless webcam to monitor it from my lounge....

Asam KV

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That's bad news mate, there are some right nobs out there.

Think the price sounds about right, I've been quote a couple of hundred this morning to take a couple of dings out from the drivers side rear door only and then to respray the panel. Guess if you multiply that by three sounds about right mate.

It's bad news though when you have to put cameras in place just to keep track of what's going off with your own kit. This place is going down the gutter.

Good luck getting it sorted.

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Thanks guys.. such a damn shame when stuff like this happens.... reminds you of the ugly side of society,

Anyone have any advice on products to try to have a go myself before breaking the bank on a respray? :unsure:

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It might be worth trying get a few quotes for the respray from local bodyshops? When I had my little "accident" quotes ranged from £150 - £500.. The final price I paid was £170 as the cheapest guy gave me the feeling that he'd do a cheap job!!

Was over the moon with the work I had done in the end, and i'd recommend them to you but they're probably too far away (mid essex)

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