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Scottish Meet

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Hi guys I'm new here and just would like to let Soarer owners, or anyone interested that there is a Meet next Sunday (27-06-2004) at Crail raceway in Fife.

I dont want anybody to miss out so if there is any interest, just post here and I will elaborate.



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Well everyone, the first ever Scottish Soarer meet was a complete success

A big thanks for everyone who managed to attend

For me, my best time for a bog-standard Soarer was 14.4 My avarage time was 14.5, i did 14 runs :D

Best of the bunch was Bedlam with 13.6 and all credit to him, just got his engine in and running on Friday night, but he was running lower boost than usual, and still managed a great time

My highlight was beating a Nissan 300 TT and i bet everything of the line including 720bhp MR2, exept for other Soarers(TT's).

The V8's managed to do late 14's, but i'm sure Edd will confirm the times, what a nice purr from Edd's car, sounded fantastic.

Will post pics and vids once i get them of the camera, although i just got a new one, so not sure how the thing works!

Anyway, more on this later, just thought i should give some feedback on the day


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Thanks, ca't wait for the pics.......and vid

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