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Getting A Refund From Currys?

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I bought a pakard bell digital free view receiver today from my local currys store. The fact is the receiver is crap! If the power cable moves a slight bit it disrubts my wireless video senders.

The question i have is, will currys give me a refund even though the device is not faulty.

any advice would be appreciated.



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Most places offer a 14d refund scheme - know Argos do and think the big electrical otlets do too - only problem is Argos exclude some items - digi-boxes being one of them - let us know how you get on ...

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IF THEY DONT...Do what i did after having loads of hassle with a washing machine... told them i was going to put it in the middle of there store and use it as a soap box to tell everybody how crap there service was.. On the day i said i was going to turn up with it and do said thing (which i did turn up that is) i was greeted by the manager and every thing was sorted and i got a new washing machine..


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Had a similar problem with PC-world ages back........

Bought a modem, that didnt like ntl(kept dropping line) turns out there were 2 types of chipsets used.

PC World said sorry it isnt broken so no refund.............

So i went home, opened up the box, and de-soldered a few parts........hay-presto, it dont work......

Took it back, got a refund :) and bought a modem that did work!

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currys yeah!

We are on our third Dishwasher at the moment..

Still "bedding" it in.

First burnt the live fuse out connected to the machine itself, was all smouldered and could have caused a house fire before it finally gave in.

Second was a model and make upgrade for another £50. This began sending everything rusty on a wash, incl cutlery etc, but did not burn out, thank ***.

Now the girlf says the third one, same as 2nd rusty upgragde model, is startng the same rusty thing again.......But f*** it, we'll stick with it now and ride out the rusting problem, see how it goes a few months...

And in Apsley/hemel, when you go in, there are always loads of returns wraped up behind customer service desk....

Currys-always cutting prices, well we know why!


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