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I am after a IS200 SE or Sport and have got about £9500 to spend does anyone have one for sale or know of a good one coming up for sale in the next 2 weeks or so, i am in Liverpool but would be willing to travel for the right car.

I hope i am not breaking any forum ruels i looked but could not see anything on posting adds like this.

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to be honest i would say £9500 is top line due to the fact that i am skinting myself to get the £9500 as i dont want to have any finace on the car so in the next few month i will be able to get moding on it. But saying that if it was only a few more quid for a peach i would defo think about it

Any more info on the car aformentioned

Cheer for the info

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Mate, Lexus Nott's had some cars in at 10k - might be worth speaking to them to see if they'll do a deal.

High mileage but these things run quite sweet - mine's at 65k now and she's running better now than when I got her - but then again she's not quite the same car now :P

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