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IS200, i cant help wondering where do i go from here ? my first car was a rover turbo diesel 1.8, so the lex was a huge step up. So i thought IS300, S2000, Monaro, new Mustang GT, 350z. I canned BM* after pricing up a 325ci. Is the IS300 a big step up in terms of performance compared to the IS200 ? And how does it far up against a supercharged one ?

Also, it may be me, but i noticed to today that in 1st gear around 6k revs the engine kinda sounds a porsche. Like i said it may be just me.

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i was lookin at bmw 325 and 330 coupe , audi a4 , mercs and the famous scooby wrx , i chose the is200 and dont look back , sure id like the power of a scooby but heh i dont have a BP truck fast enuf to follow me in it , in sayin this if i was to ever change my lexy id be goin for an evo 6 tommi makkinnen edition in black or silver , otherwise ill be sticking to the lexy great drive , loadsa street cred and can mod it like mad with a s/c and have all that power pushing a car from the rear instead of all round !!!



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If your after performance and don't care about practicality go for either the S2000 or a porsche Boxster. Thats what I am thinking of changing my 300 for soon. I test drove them both and they are absolutely fantastic in terms of performance when compared to the lex.

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If you want performance, then go for a Lotus or Ferrari. Maybe Bently GT Otherwise stick with the Lex. Better spec and looking than the rivals.

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