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My RX's 40k service is now overdue so I must do something.

The car is 3 year old

I intend to keep it at least another 3 years

It has been serviced by the local (60 mile round trip) Lexus dealer from new so far.

This will be the first time work other than the standard service is required.

I am told (or is it folklore) that a full Lexus Service History is worthwhile. Will that be the case when I am looking at selling/part exchanging the car when it 6+ years old.

The 40k service is expensive (£400+) and it will need new brake shoes too (and from past experience with other marques this usually means new discs too). I am therefore looking at a big bill

A local and well respected independent garage (they service the wife's 206CC) assure me they could service it (even through they specialise in Pugs) and the only thing they can't do is if it needs access to the computer system.

So do I pay thru the nose for a Lexus service in the hope of higher residuals or pay less with the local guys. Will they get the parts cheaper (they pass some of the discounts on to customers).

Oh yes, the local Lexus dealer is not in the LOC discount scheme although I have secured 10% before.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Why not get the basic service done at Lexus - supply your own oil etc. to get the stamp and let your local independent do any extra work that is required (discs and pads). You can get the parts mail order from a gold dealer so you will still use genuine parts etc.

Once a car gets below £8k to £10k in value then service history cannot make that much difference but using an independent will lower the price and could make it harder to sell. They may be locally well respected but how many people will know anything about them?

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For what it is worth, I have started mixing and matching. LS400 needed new pads and discs on front - had that done by local engineer at £100 less than Leus Hatfield estimate. Needed front caster arms replaced - had that done at Lexus.

For 63000 mile service called several main dealers and using LOC discount got the work done at Lexus Bracknell for £160 less than Hatfield (including LOC discount). Other main dealers were more expensive than Bracknell.

£90 per hour is a leg over rate - so keep on checking around and passng on the good news on who has reasonable costs.

By the way, if I was running a Jag I could find an independant service outlet reasonably easily. Anyone know of any independant Lexus service shops?

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