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My CD Changer only works occasionally. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement.

Or can I get a different model and link it to the control panel in the car.

Any suggestions please.

I have a 1995 LS400 the CD changer in the dash. Today I took it out, it was only playing Cds now and again after using a CD cleaner I found it had packed in and would not play any CDs. The CD cleaner had moved the dirt over the lense and made it worse. I took off the two covers, that lets you see inside and you can then see the lense and clean it with a cotton bud and the lense cleaning fluid then a good wipe off with dry cotton bud Put it back and all is well Spot on I would say it is a 45 Min job PS I was an RAC patrolman for 16 years so may be it is an Hours job.

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Is yours in the boot ??

mines a 91 and fitted in the boot,I had a problem with it at first and it turned out to be damp,caused by a dodgy boot seal,couldnt source one at the time so took it off,cleaned it up and applied some good old silicon sealer inside before fitting it back,removed all the boot trim and dried it out and no problem since,thats 18 months ago and cheaper than buying/repairing one with the stealer !! and removing the cover as previously suggested to clean the lense will improve matters.

good luck and keep us posted. Ian

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