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I know this has probably been discussed to death. But what is the 0-60 time on a supercharged IS200? and is it quicker than a IS300. I know quite a few people here have supercharged there IS200's so any info from them would be great. Also i would like to know how it effects your Insurance.

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Is that the same for Manuals and Autos  :question:

Should be.

So SCing an auto would bring it to manual times then? :lol:

I only want one for the whine :whistling:

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Putting the SC on the IS200 auto is fine.

Turbo or SC on an IS300 is fine if you keep the power below 300bhp and torque below 310 lb-ft. Over that and you need to look at gearbox. Most options for the IS300 are made for the US cars so many not work with the UK engine ECU or RHD engine bay.

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