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Demon Eyes

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Hi Everyone,

Haven't picked my Lex up yet, still waiting to sell my Mondeo,

Auto Trader link at bottom of post - Help appreciated!

Cutting to the chase, I've seen some demon eyes on ebay from Altezza Sports and Prestige, they're a self fitting kit, has any one else here done this? is it easy to do?



Click Here

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Hi Adam and welcome,the link doesn't work for me but some members have them fitted and you have to seperate the lights to install them if you are competent it shouldn't be a problem all you need is a heat gun and some patience if you look in the workshop database(top right drop down link)LOC navigator it will tell you how,its not a hard job at all.

Good luck.

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Hi Scorpion, I didn't realise there was a guide in the workshop.

I will look at that now.

As for the link, must be something to do with the PHP on this guestbook, think there's a character limit or something.

But if anyone is in the Bmth area that's looking for a Mondeo MK2 then please contact me as I can't pick up the IS till i've got the extra money!!

Its so harsh waiting around!


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