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All Of The Transmission

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:crybaby: Hi to all

I've been an IS200 owner for 4 days now, and I've come across the problem that a lot of you seem to have already encountered. Yep, I've got a clutch judder, crashing gearbox, a whine in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears and a rattle on take up.

I've read through this forum and seen lots of faults that are similair, and what I want to know is have I any chance of leverage with Lexus to get this fixed (1999 is200 manual with 86K, bought from a non lexus dealer)

The rest of the car is fantastic, but what the hell can I do ? DoI have a right to take this back to the non lexus dealer and get it all fixed (max claim £500) or get my money back after less than a week?

Any help is most welcome.

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2 options, get them to give you your money back,second option tell them you can get a near as new gearbox (mine) for £300, is only a year old

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