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Ls400 - To Sell Or Not To Sell!

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I have a H reg LS400. About a year ago it stopped running. Initial investigations showed that it was fuel related. It could be anything from a wire that has corroded or broken, to a fuse thats blown to (ultimately) a dodgy fuel pump. The reality is, although I love the Lexus, its a luxury I can no longer afford.

The car is in good condition. Dark Green with about 130,000 miles but before this problem not a hint of any trouble. We even have a spare set of the gold emblems never used!!!!

In my heart I'd love to get it on the road again and sorted but due to redundancy this ain't gonna happen any time soon so, maybe its time to sell it.

Great engine, good bodywork. Any ideas?

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:zee: I'll have the Gold Emblems from you! Ring 0117 9824228, Chris.

If you're redundant, don't lose even more by selling cheap. It must be worth more in running order. Find someone who knows about'll be worth it. Or even researcg it yourself; you may have some time free!

Good luck with you future though. It may FEEL bad now, but you'll find yourself in a different place, maybe better. Keep positive. :)

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