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i have been insured with hill house hammond for the last year

last years premium was £711

anyway a month ago got a letter from them saying that they were almagamating with norwich union

alarms started ringing as norwich union wouldnt insure me last year !

insurance due in july and along comes a quotation from norwich union

for £725

reasonable i thought

but then whilst studying the policy, i notice that under modifications it said unknown modifications

gave them a ring and queried it

they did not have details of any mods that my car had ??

when asked what the quote was based on they replied...guesswork !!

so then give them details of all the mods

new quote £880 :ohmy:

and said that it was a special price seeing that i had come from hill house and wouldnt normally quote, ;)

now if i hadnt read the policy, i would have presumed that it had been based on info that hill house had provided them with, everything else being correct

one tick in a box and i would or more likely wouldnt have been insured

one look in gold

one phone call

one recommended insurance broker

one quote of £650

oh and a lexus owners club discount :)

although the policy doesnt quite match my last years !

it is in fact better

another brownie point for LOC :D

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good news in the end then bazza!

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