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Guys - think about puting Neons in the car - want them to

come on when doors open ( unlocked ).....turns off when key turns

to start car......or car is locked...

problem whare to join wires to do this? any idears....

and the right green neons....for F & R....

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any neons on any car are tacky in my opnion,, still each to there own..

what about running them from the wires that feed the door lights,

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it will look tacky if your gonna stick the 1'x1" or bigger neon.

mine is about 8" and it's as thick as a wrigleys chewing gum stick.

give a faint glow of blue which can just about be noticed.

not smack in the face :duh:

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i meen the wire into the cigarrette lighter....if its pos like to

attach wire with other wires from the it hides away...

have you go any Pic's of ur Neons....and your layout in the car?

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i'll take a couple of pics tonight after i install another camera in my car.

bought a really neat wireless camera with receiver for only 37 pounds !!

did a search on google and came with these prices that were :ohmy:

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