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Bodyshop / Paint Work Repair

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As a result of parking outside hotels in London for year, my car took a bit of a beating.

I had;

- a large dent in the rear passenger side door.

- a large scrape down the rear passenger side bumper (down to the black plastic).

- several scuffs on the front.

I also had a couple of lil chips in the door trim from people opening their car doors into mine, and a scratch on the boot, which was a complete mystery (suspect kids in the street on their bikes).

I did take pictures of the dent, but to be honest they were useless, as they didn't show the true size and depth.

However, the guys who saw it at MK, or Steve, Rod and Zee who saw it at Toddington, can tell you it was a real beauty. Aido described it as looking as though Jonah Lomu had tried to hump my car.

Not had the chance to get it done for ages, but finally got it sorted a few weeks back.

I took it to a local guy in Liverpool, Peter Rogers.

He had repaired my father's Rover, and done an immaculate job, and when I went in for a quote, he had a nice 5 series BMW and a new Ferrari in, so I thought I would take the chance on him :D

He quoted me £500 to repair the lot, this would entail repainting practically the whole passenger side of the car, and touching up all the trims.

I knew that I had previously been quoted £650 by Lexus to repair a blemish on the bonnet, so this was an acceptable cost to me.

He took the car of me for four days, and I am completely happy with the result.

The door dent and bumper scrape have been completely repaired. You could not tell, from any angle, that there had been anything wrong with the car. All the other minor work had been doen to the same standard too.

If any one is in the North West, Merseyside / Cheshire / Liverpool / Manchester sort of area, and needs a professional body shop, at significantly lower prices than Lexus charge, then I would defintely recommend using these people.

The details are;

Peter Rogers,

Unit 12

Fleet Street


L3 7BN

his phone number is 0151 255 0404 and email address is rogers AT refurbishers DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk

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