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Can anyone help?

I have a new PC self built, top spec :winky:

I am using a TOPCON 17" LCD monitor brought on my holiday.

But not been able to get audio, it has built in speakers, monitor is brand new but did not come with or says it should come with an installation disk.

I searched the TOPCON Hong Kong WWW, and no drivers needed.

I am connecting only via 1 DVI cable, am I missing something?

Help...ELP... Please..

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Steve, don't think DVI carries anything other than video - are there any BNC connections for the speakers mate?

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Guess you'll have to use the Line In then mate.

apple do a connector called ADC which carries video, power and USB but as far as I know DVI was video only.

Bit of a bummer as you'd have thought they'd have combined everything on the PC by now.

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the green line is the audio, have you gone into yer settings, have you switched audio related items on? If you have not sorted it the wife will be home in ten minutes and she is a bit of a computer whizz, she may be able to help..

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