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Why Cant I Find A Good One?

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right i am starting to get proper anoyed about finding a nice is200 se or sport, i have been all over the place and none have been how they are described, i.e. goes 2 hours form my work place to see a is 200 sport form the trader said full lexus history, gets there and guess what the guy could not find the history so i phoned the dealer and has only had 2 services i nerlly got arested for ABH i was proper fumming. i have now been to see 5 different cars and all have had problems or have not been as described.

IF ANYONE KNOW OF ONE FOR SALE THAT IS GOOD PLEASE LET ME KNOW OR IT WILL BE A NEW A4 for me. :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :shutit: :shutit:

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know the feeling mate.. travelled 120 miles to find a dog.. not as described.

travelled 800 miles all in all... found my GS in the end and is perfect... lovely motor.. nothing goes wrong.... i knew the air con had a problem.. but thats all.. not a sausage has gone wrong.

So keep looking mate.. you'll be made up when you find the right car!

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as has been said mate... stick at it, the right one will be out there, it'll just take a bit of finding..

Of course, as is always the way, if you can stretch your budget, it may be easier :winky:

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