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Some clown in a rover without insurance hit the back of my lex, called the police and they dont wanna know??!!!!

So need to find a new bumper, anyone know any yards that have one thanks in advance.

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:angry: Seems to me that the Insurance Companies should DO something in this type of situation. IF you can get the name/address of the person (big IF!!!) then the company should sue on your,i.e.their, behalf for reparation (having paid you, without damage to yours 'claims bonus'.

Last night on BBC the figure of 30,000 hit and run accidents per year was mentioned, half of which were never traced! many other less injurious situations,like yours here, happened. My logic says that if you get into a car, KNOWING that it's illegal (no tax; insurance; banned driver, et al) then it's deliberate assault and should be dealt with as such. Better use of police time than catching illegal parking-say-or minor speed infractions. (Ah; but much HARDER !) :yack: :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

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The problem's getting the money though. A Rover driver with no insurance sounds like a scumbag without much cash. Besides which the lefties will be saying that being made all the poorer will just encourage crime.

There should be a fund for compensation from seized assets of scumbags. Geoffrey Archer's worth a bob or two. We've got part of what Dame Shirley Porter owes. Blair should be imprisoned for giving the taxpayer's money to the unions as well as allowing his brat to get drunk whilst underage. etc. etc.

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well someone went into my cousins new bmw 3 series and wrote it off, insurance company couldnt do anything as the person had nothing to their name and the police just have the attitude that its a civil matter, its a joke but theirs nothing u can do about it excpet for make sure ur fully comp..

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