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Loc "its A Knockout" Event

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So i was just ahving a browse onthe WWW,, looking for the next thing that we can Challenge Bazza to do..(only joking barry) and i come across an Its a Knockout Style event..

Now i reckon this could be SOOOO much fun for our members AND there families.


"This is your chance to relive and take part in the all time classic TV program “It’s a Knockout”, using props based on the originals. If you still a bit confused, then its your chance to take part in some wet and whacky inflatable Olympics, donned in costumes ranging such as 12 foot penguin suites, super fat clowns, hairy giants and chess piece kings."

So what ya'll reckon.. we could even have LOC vs TOC

oh and bazza,, i found something for you to do,,, BRIDGE

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sounds good me and aido can be the super fat clowns. :D  :D  :lol:  :lol:  ;)

Don't forget me. :D Sounds like good fun Paul. I'm up for it. :lol:

3 fat clowns up-2-date,any more. :D :D :whistling::whistling: :)

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update.. i had a call back from these guys,, there package includes:-

"Gable Events will provide eight fully equipped games as standard to include all the inflatables & ancillary equipment, trained staff, PA & compere, professional paramedic with response vehicle, music, registration marquee, team identification bibs, scoreboard, medals for winning team, £5m public liability insurance, free venue finding service, client information pack and professional event management"

8 Games to include all the inflatable stuff n stuff, with upto 8 teams of 10. for 3000 + vat,, which is about 3500..

Now divide that amoungst 80 people then that is about 45 quid per person.. now if a small charge was made for friends and family to come and watch,, say 2 quid (kids go free), then perhaps we can donate to charity again..

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does sound like a fun day out! i'd be up for it.

c'mon everyone!

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