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Hi All

My wife and I have just test driven the new RX300 SE-L and I love the car , however my wife being a little shorter than me finds it hard to see over the binnicle and thinks the display ie speedo etc is too much in her face so to speak.

Even with the seat raised it does not seem to solve the problem.

Has any other one who is smaller in stature had the same problem. My existing mark 1 has a much lower facia which she finds ok. As I say I think it is a great car and my existing version has never let me down in the nearly 3 years of ownership from new.The after care has been first class as well ie servicing.

As we are begining to look again for a replacement ( I keep cars for 3 years only saves on the MOT thing, warrantee expiry etc) I am considering shock horror the BMW X5 ,Jeep Grand cheroke, Volvo XC90 as well as the Lexus RX300SE-L. apart from being happy with the car I buy it also depends on what I am offered in part exchange and the residual value after 3 yrs with the new purchase. Service and running costs are not a main criteria,but each has its own things going for it such as

BMWX5 does a deisel version but you have to pay for extras great residual

Lexus has all the toys but no diesel bit dubious about the hybrid till proven by owners

Volvo XC90 has diesel but low power output

Jeep Grand cheroke great car but residual very poor

So at the moment I am very undecided as to what to go for if only Lexus did a diesel version then there would be no competition, but I do prefer a diesel car.


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WOW, what a long story!!I find the driving position and the height fine.Regarding your choice, i was in the same situation as you and had test drives in all of these 4x4's.I decided that the Lexus was the best value with all the extras and the best looking out the lot of them. Go for the Lex!!

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I think you should only consider the X5 if you have a week to spare working out there rip-off options list! As to the XC90, they have just increased the price for the THIRD time in just over a year, no doubt because they have a waiting list, and as to the jeep, well, if you have money to throw away you could point some in this direction!! get yourself down to your Lexus dealer immediatly, you know it makes sense :D

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If the car you have now is fine, then why not keep it? MOT's and warranty is a relatively minor issue on a Lexus, it's not like the current crop of Merc's where you will need to use it, or if you really must change it, why not get something like an used LS430 or wait for the new GS330 next year.

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