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only noticed this today after i picked up my car. :unsure:

my '99 is200se has a headlight washer switch, but no headlight washers! it's just got what i can best describe as a raised blanking off plate.

is this standard?

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i did, and nothing happened........... i take it theres something not working there..........

think you have to have your lights on ....or something else the same time ;)

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OT but has anyone turned these around yet so they fire forwards -would be a right laugh when you're stuck in traffic or want the person in front to get out the way :)

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That would be funny - again, a bit OT (sorry) but I use mine to get rid of those annoying windscreen wiper people.

Goes like this....

"Windscreen Gov?

"No thanks"

"Only take a sec"

"No, sod off"

"Oh its dirty, I'll do it anyway"

Iain hits wipers and headlights spray as well, just as bloke is leaning over my bonnet - Ha Ha.

Lights to Green - see ya!

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Do's anybody know if or how these can be turned off???

Only ask because mine come on when I have the lights on & use the windscreen wash & its normally just after I've spent half a Sunday cleaning the car, leaving streaks all across the bonet.

Cars a 53' SE Auto.

Cheers Guys.


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I think that if you've got the lights on and use the windscreen wash button, the headlamp washer only fires the first time you press.

Agreed it's a pain in the backside though. I would also be interested in hearing if anyone has disabled this.


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I hate using mine. It makes a right mess over the bonnet. :o

Same here...still cool though

Yep, i got my cous to watch the 1st time :lol::lol: very cool, but messy....

When I saw the title of the topic, i thought Nick may have got lucky with a TTE Bumper :lol:

AIDO, nice mod idea mate ;)

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