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Anti Hijack System

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Hi all, whilst i was in south africa i bought 2 anti jack units, i was planning on fitting one, but as i will be full time in Switzerland i wont be needing it.

so i have 2 units for sale, it is a sanji zx90 anti hijack system link products >systems>systems>zx90

if the car door is opened, after pre set time, it will pulse the relevant system eg fuel pump, ignition max 30A) for about 20 secs to slow the car down and then will cut the circuit., there is a hidden switch that will have to be pressed to reactivate the system again( but could be linked to a pressure pad in the seat i believe)

eg at lights , someone steals the car, 2 -3 mins down the road the car is stopped which gives u time to get away with the minimum risk to yourself and you will still have your vehicle.

ZX90 Features

· 1 Circuit Immobiliser (30A)

· Security Housing with anti tamper screws

· Fail to Drive Circuitry

· Siren output

· Siren output protected

· Driver Door Hi Jack (hardwire)

· Forced hi-jack (jumper option)

· Service Mode (user programmable)

· Service Mode user warning

· Memory Management

· Dash status LED

· Beeper built into the main harness

· All black wiring

· Horn output

Program Options

· Forced Hi Jack (jumper setting)

· Programmable hi-jack times

picture: HERE

i am looking for £50 for each one, and will personally guarantee them for 12 months (provided they are not damaged/tampered with, burnt out due to incorrect fitting etc) ill bring them to JAE so people can look at them.

Full fitting instructions are supplied along with a user guide.

cheers rob.

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it's definatly worth getting if anyone has any doubts, as this feature is included in the clifford alarm i got.. there was a time when cars were getting jacked left right and centre.. even though things have calmed down, well round here, you never know what's lurking round the corner..

a bargain at that price anyway..

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