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For the past couple of days i have noticed a clunking noise coming from the front end of my car. Jacked it up and rocked the wheels, nearside fine, offside there is play in the wheel. No grinding when i spin it, just play from side to side.

Could this be the wheel bearing? If so has anybody had any experience with one of these?

As always, thanks dudes. B)

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Haven't done this job,the bearing is pressed in,then the speed sensor rotor fits next, then the locking nut, followed by the grease cap on the end.

You could check if the nut is at the correct torque.

This is 2030 kg cm,or 147 ft-lb or 199 N.m

May be no use but worth a try,remember the nut is on the inside of the hub.

cheers ;)

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When does the clunking occur? Does it occur during braking or when turning the wheel when cornering?

Many people in the US have found the clunking to be a symptom of worn strut bar cushions.

Wheel bearings can be bought for about 50 dollars off the website I used to buy my front upper control arms from the US.

The clunking could also be coming from anti roll bar bushes (if worn), front upper control arms (if the bushes are worn out).

Not sure about the play you have in the wheel there. At the end of the day, the suspension is smooth because of all the bits of rubber bushing Lexus put in there. These rubber bushings do wear out with time, even if you don't do heavy mileage.

Best to get it checked out properly and find out exactly what is worn out.

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