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Gs300 Mark 1 Roofbars Fer Free

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Having lived up to my name and done some hectic bidding on eBay for some GS300 roof bars, I discovered I'd omitted to ask whether they were for a mark 1 or a mark 2. Mines's a mark 2 and they don't fit.

They are the genuine Lex article in delicious black, lockable, and yes, they do have the key.

So any mark 1 owners out there want them? I can't be doing with relisting them on eBay and they were only 20 quid anyway, so if you want 'em, let me know and we'll work out some way of getting them to you.

You can improve your chances by offering me sweets, but no money is required.

Don't all rush at once. Yawn. I guess it'll have to be first come first served.

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Nice one Steve, will be expecting you to bring more goodies to JAE next year :D

Dipstick I think this is reason enough to give them away to Steve, and they are colour coded too!!

:offtopic: Still feeling spaced out?

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Blimey that was fast! Ok, Steve, we are in pm mode. (Not pms, that's something different, allegedly).

Raz, funnily enough, spacing out has moved to oh look, seven elephants are having a dance in my head today. How amusing.

You know, gardeners say that worms don't mind being cut in half with a spade, but I don't think that's likely. I mean, they're not going to say "Oh wow, the silly man has cut me in HALF! Fantastic! Now I can go on holiday with myself." Are they?

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