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I have tried everything.

Meths, Mr Muscle glass cleaner, Vileda Window cloth, clean dry cloth.

But whenever the sun catches the glass at the correct angle you can still see the streaks from the final wipe :(

Looking for a good ploy to finish off the glass.


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Get a microfiber cloth -- the results are really good- i was well impressed i didnt even use any cleaner - after washing the car just wiped them down, even took the water spots off without much effort B)

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When I had my window tints done on my last car, the guy used lighter fluid.. a little disconcerting, but it worked. Not a mark on them!

Edited cause I noticed I still can't type;)

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The best stuff I have ever used on my glass is Hob Brite its for cleaning halogen hobs. The wife gets it from the supermaket Morrisons. You can dilute it or use a damp cloth. I use it straight from the bottle but only do one glass at a time and buff off straight away with kitchen towel paper. No streaks and its only cheap. Mind you the wife thinks it doesn't last long! She doesn't know I use it on the car!

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Thanks Chaps

There is nothing worse than spending some time cleaning and scrubbing the glass till it 'looks' spotless.

Then the following morning you turn the corner and the sun catches the rear window at such an angle that in the rearview mirror you see a load of streaks.

I suppose if I want that superior finish are we talking the Times/Guardian or the Sun/Star as the newspaper of choice :)

I think she's got some of that Hob Brite stuff - that'll probably get those shampoo bubbles off that form under the carwash wax layer if you let it dry too quick. I've been using one of those green scouring pads for that :crying:

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I don't know anyone who likes doing windows. If you find the right tools and cleaners, this chore will be much easier. I hate doing the interior windows so much that I rotate which windows I clean each time I wash. For example, one week I might do the windshield and the next week the side windows. With the advent of microfiber towels, window cleaning has become much easier. Read this article to educate yourself on all detailing methods, products and accesosries needed for this task. Detail Glass and Plastic

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Use newspaper  ;)

Newspaper is good!

No streaks and dust.

i agree

Totally agree, I always use newspaper. Damp newspaper (just water, nothing else) to clean the windows and dry newspaper to buff them up. Smear free and gleaming windows every time.

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